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Pride / Ally / Queer / LGBTIQ+

This is the initial landing page for what I hope becomes a beneficial catch up and discussion about how we can improve awareness of LGBTQI+ across the working world (and not just in IT)

Some suggestions for discussion:

 How does your organisation or company approach gender equity ?
 What does your company / organisation feel about gender neutrality (not just bathroooms ....)

 How can we improve our presence in the workforce without being employed or recognised because of our gender/sexuality
 What does your company / organisation do now that is good (or bad) about promoting inclusion 

I have not yet asked for or secured a room for our discussions, so will ask.

At the very least, please put your name here if you wish to meet and discuss any of the above or have other topics to engage on.

I just want to continue forward with promoting equity in our workplace, specifically when it comes to LGBTQI+, SAGE and STEM in IT