Keysigning BoF

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As with previous years let's run a keysigning BoF.

What is it?

A key signing party, we verify each other's identity and sign gpg keys.

When is it?

Wednesday Lunch 12:20 Room C2.

Before the event

  • Create a gpg key!
  • Submit it to this website before the due date of Wednesday night
  • Bring good quality photo id.
(Good quality means passport, drivers licence, proof of age card, bad quality is library card etc. There is no "rule" as to what is acceptable quality - it is up to each individual signer to determine what is "good enough" photo ID, how closely the names should match the UID(s) on the key, etc.)
  • Print out your fingerprint (not just the last 8 digits) so you can confirm that it is what you submitted
  • Have extra copies of your fingerprint to hand out, print it on your business card if you have one.

During the Event

As anyone can create a gpg with any name and email address nothing is stopping someone from creating a key that is claiming to be you. By getting your key signed is a signal to show that others have verified the accuracy so it is more likely to belong to the person it says. We want to verify two things:

  • Who you are
  • Confirm that the gpg keys we have for you are correct