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As well as our information below, we also highly recommend that you take a look at Simon Lyall's: The (Unofficial) Guide.


Shorts and T-shirt should work most days - but maybe bring a jersey or jacket just in case!

Expect maximum temperatures of 20C-30C.

Getting to

See Public transport and travel to and from Christchurch airport and the Airport arrivals and departures page

Where to stay at

See Accommodation

Conference schwag

See Schwag Bag

What to bring to

  • Laptop, phone, camera, chargers etc - most people bring a laptop, tablet and other such devices. Free WiFi is available during the conference. Many Delegates enjoy hacking, coding and developing together at
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a water bottle - Christchurch can have high summer temperatures; staying sun-smart and well hydrated is important!
  • Clothes and toiletries - adequate clothing and sanitary items to see you through the week should be brought. Remember to bring any medication you may need. We also recommend something warm for late evening.
  • Identification and if international, your passport - for registration purposes, we may need to see identification, and if you're a student, we'll need to see your student card. In accordance with liquor laws, you may be asked for ID to be served alcohol.
  • Cash or card - you will likely have some incidental expenses during the conference. There are ATMs available at the conference venue, and most nearby venues take card.

Computer equipment

Hopefully all goes well with the computer gear you bring to Conf. In case of emergency there is a nearby beige box assembler with a wide variety of stuff available. DragonPC located in the nearby Church Corner Shopping Center at 375 Riccarton Road. A 20 Minute walk or 5 minutes by car.

SIM cards

A number of local providers sell prepaid SIMs with various pricings for different amounts of voice minutes and data. Most providers start with a NZ$19 deal that allows for 1.25 GB data + 200 minutes of voice valid for 4 weeks. At least two providers (Vodafone and Spark) have kiosks at the airport where you can buy the SIM cards. Another major provider, 2degrees, has shops in all of the local malls and provides the SIM cards for sale in many supermarkets.

Code of Conduct

Remember that we are a diverse community. Sometimes this means we need to work harder to ensure we're creating an environment of trust and respect where all who come to participate feel comfortable and included. Please have a read of the the LCA Code of Conduct - and follow it!

What's to eat?

See Food and Refreshing Beverages

Note that LCA does not provide catered lunches, but nearby Food venues will be open

Emergency Information

  • Police, Fire or Ambulance: 111
  • On-call number: TBA
  • After Hours Medical: Riccarton Clinic and After Hours Medical Centre 4 Yaldhurst Rd, 03 343 3661