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This BoF is intended to form a community for a new Open Source project, intended to create a safe space for people new to open source to contribute without fear of negative criticism or fighting the status quo.

With this in mind, we will aim to start a new project, with the intent that next year, someone from the team (not me) will present our progress at the next LCA.

I've given this some thought, and I think the following are prereqs for the project: - It must be useful (or easily modified into something useful) - It must be cross-discipline, this will allow people to contribute in their areas of expertise, and learn how other disciplines work - It must have a low cost of entry - a single board computer and some 3D printed parts are good, expensive components that are hard to obtain are bad

For these goals, I think a DIY Lego sorter that can sort based on the type of brick is a good project, there are a few people who have written blogs on the subject (so it is achievable), but noone has released a project for it that others can replicate or build on. Such a project involves many disciplines, including 3D modelling, machine vision, classification, frontend GUIs, databases and more.

I think there would be a lot we can all learn from such an exercise.

-- Alastair D'Silva

Community link for discussion: https://gitter.im/legosorter/community