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On-campus cafes and resturants

There are cafes and food areas scattered around on campus.

In the undercroft building, across the lawn from C-block:

  • The Shilling Club, Ground Floor of the Puaka-James Hight Library
  • (todo: several more in undercroft, anyone sitting there reading this wanna fill this in?)

If you wander further afield on campus, there are several cafes in nearby buildings:

  • Cafe 101 on the ground floor of the Psychology building, you can see it from the coffee cart parked outside C block.
  • Mix Cafe Past the psychology building, in the Meremere building (law school). NOTE: The facebook page says this is closed until February. If someone goes past and it's closed, just delete this entry from the wiki.
  • The Reboot Cafe in the Jack Erskine Building (Computer Science dept), open from 7am, coffee served till 3pm.

Off campus to the North West, on the corner of Ilam Road and Creyke Road. There's a shopping complex with a couple places:

  • LB & Co Espresso
  • Wholly Bagels
  • Pepe's Mexican Grill
  • (also an accountancy and law firm, but don't eat those)


(Note that the Bush Inn shopping centre website implies that there's a Countdown in there, but one LCA attendee found it was absent/closed. The actual Countdown appears to be the opposite corner of the intersection from the Bush Inn Centre; see Countdown stores.)

Nearby resturants


Westfield Riccarton (aka "Riccarton Mall") Riccarton Rd 25 minute walk from venue