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The Accomodation page on the LCA website has a good overview of the accommodation providers in the vicinity of the venue.

Uni Halls - Check-in information for guests at the Uni Halls

This is a copy of the Information email sent by the Uni Hall's Administration on 17/01/2019.

Your arrival to Bishop Julius Hall is not far off now and we are looking forward to greeting you.  

As guests you are arriving at various times throughout the day and night.  There will be someone here to greet you no matter the time of your arrival.  If you are arriving on a midnight flight don’t worry you are not putting us out – there are small groups of you that we think are all on the same flights that will be heading here.  

We can, if there is interest, for those arriving on the Saturday midnight flight (arriving to the Hall Sunday 1am ish) and the Sunday midnight flight (arriving to the Hall Monday 1am ish) book Shuttle vans for you – payment to be made by you at the time.  Sometimes there are not always enough cabs available.  If you are interested in us providing this service could you please reply to this email as soon as you can with your flight number.  

Our location is 90 Waimairi Rd in Ilam, not far from University of Canterbury.  We will have signage outside so that it is abundantly clear to your driver where you need to be deposited.  The travel time from the airport to here is 10 to 15 minutes depending on the time of the day.  

Due to the numbers booked it has been necessary for us to house some of our guests at our neighbours, College House.  Booking in is still with us here at Bishop Julius Hall.  We will escort you next door if this is you.

Breakfast (Continental) for all guests will be served at Bishop Julius Hall.  When you check in we will make sure we show you where the Dining Room is. There will be facilities available on each floor for making tea & coffee.

Each room will have a Welcome leaflet awaiting your arrival with Bishop Julius Hall’s contact numbers, free wifi access information and some other useful information.  All linen (bedding & towels) is supplied and towels will be refreshed daily.  There are free laundry facilities for you to use, you just need your own washing powder – sachets available for 50 cents each.

If you need to contact us outside of office hours here are our telephone numbers:
* 24 hour cell phone:  027 2474727 – please try this number first
* Nigel Georgieff, BURSAR – 0274 330088
* Tanyia Legge, ADMINISTATOR – 021 1716511

Please do not hesitate to contact Tanyia Legge if there are further questions