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Andy Gelme: Hacker At Large at Silverpond based in Melbourne

Direct Message me on Twitter or any time at LCA2019, if you'd like to talk about ...

  • Open Hardware Mini-Conference 2019: Building, training and driving your scale-model, self-driving A.I/ML car
  • Jobs_BoF#Silverpond: Open roles at Silverpond (Dev Ops, Software Engineer, Machine Learning Practitioner)
  • HackerSpaces: Founder CCHS Melbourne (Connected Community HackerSpace)
  • A.I / Machine Learning ... especially when combined with Robotics
  • Manufacturing in Shenzhen, China (2017 and 2018 tours) ... making consumer electronics products and crowd-funding
  • IoT ... especially MicroPython on ESP32 or lots of RGB LEDs (WS2812B)
  • Drones: Flying or ground based
  • LISP or any programming language with round brackets
  • Supercomputers ... elegant weapons from a more civilized age, e.g Cray
  • Technology Zines (I suck at drawing, but maybe you don't !)
  • Other random fun activities