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Friday Lunch Slot (12:20PM -01:30PM) - Room A1

(If this changes, I'll update the wiki, so if you want to come, watch this page)

(I haven't "booked" this, if you know this won't work, please let me know!)


It might be nice to have a Rust BoF.

Potential subjects:

  • I have <some problem>, can anybody help
  • Using Rust in Production
  • Why should I use rust?
  • How cute is Ferris? (And edunham's slides!)
  • Calls for Participation
  • Meetup Organisation?
  •  ???


Add yourself if you're interested in attending.

  • jbit (Aka James Lee) - Interested in Embedded rust and Rust in production environments
  • (Alex WR) - general / beginner interest - primarily working in noncompiled languages / 'devops'
  • mcassaniti What myths might I have about Rust
  • Jamie McClymont
  • Robert Collins knowledge sharing
  • Tristram Healy (@trissylegs)
  • Bernie Innocenti ([1], - democoding with Rust + WASM + WebGL (really learning, need guidance)
  • Wesley Moore - The Rust conference situation in Australia and New Zealand - @wezm /
  • Matthew Sherborne (matiu) - I've been learning rust since the talk (2 days). It seems great but I'm suspicious ;)