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* Saturday - 7:20am - Run to parkrun and back after coffee/breakfast
* Saturday - 7:20am - Run to parkrun and back after coffee/breakfast
** I'm going to leave BJH more like 06:50-07:00 and take it nice & slow.  Fasties will probably catch me up somewhere along the way. [[User:Paulgear|Paulgear]] ([[User talk:Paulgear|talk]]) 09:11, 25 January 2019 (UTC)
== Other Runs ==
== Other Runs ==

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I find running away is a key skill for someone with my sense of humour. Is anyone else up for some morning runs during the conference?

From a local who runs in Christchurch a lot a suggestion for routes was:

"With regards to nice running, from the university you have a nice route heading into Hagley Park via Riccarton Bush. Also heading through the city and following the Avon river into the Red Zone is interesting, this is where all the houses were brought and removed by the Govt due to land damage. It's now a giant green space with gardens and plantings remaining from its residential days."

For the Running BoF as most years meet at 6am next to the colleges we are staying in to head out for a run. The two colleges (Bishop Julius and College House) are next to each other with the Avon river dividing them, lets meet on Waimairi Rd between the two colleges and then work out runs as we go each day. Pretty flat terrain in Christchurch so likely similar to the last Perth running BoF with faster runners doing intervals out and back to the group a bit and simply exploring the town.

If you need to contact me around the run use Signal, I (Steven Hanley) can be contacted on +61414534434 if a few of you send me a messgae asking to be in the Running BoF I will set up a Signal chat group for the BoF to remind the route for the morning and be able to notify if running late or meeting us somewhere en route.

Add your name here (and contact details) if you're interested in coming for a morning run:

  • Michael Still (mikal@stillhq.com)
  • Pete Johns (paj@johnsy.com)
  • Michael Davies
  • Steven Hanley (sjh@svana.org)
  • Paul Gear
  • Matthew Wilcox
  • Steven Rostedt (rostedt@goodmis.org)
  • Wesley Moore (wes@wezm.net)
  • Jonathan Smith (nz.jaybird@gmail.com)

Planned runs

  • Monday - Run over to Hagley park via the Uni and Riccarton Bush, loop past the Parkrun start and return
  • Tuesday - Looking for parks Head North via Illam park, Ray Blank Park, Jellie Park then West to Burnside Park, south west to Westrgrove park and Avonhead park, back toward the start via Crosbie park and any other greenery we can find. Faster runners may choose to run a loop around any track or loop at any given park when we arrive.
  • Wednesday - Run over toward Hagley park again but aim for the southern half to do a loop before returning.
  • Thursday - I am thinking maybe try a traditional run training session on the Ilam fields track. Warm up of around 15 minutes running around the open field, then on the track do a Mona Fartlek (20 minutes) then finish with some form of cool down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fartlek#Mona_fartlek
  • Friday - A n ew park to the south, MRDA suggested this and it looks like the loop around the park will be pretty, there are options in the park to short cut or extend a bit more. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7336079
  • Saturday - 7:20am - Run to parkrun and back after coffee/breakfast
    • I'm going to leave BJH more like 06:50-07:00 and take it nice & slow. Fasties will probably catch me up somewhere along the way. Paulgear (talk) 09:11, 25 January 2019 (UTC)

Other Runs


If anyone wants to run from the colleges over it has been taking 25 minutes during the week at around 6m30s /km pace. If we leave at 7:20am it should ensure we have time to get there or if anyone needs a bit longer we cmay catch them on the way. The run to the start line is approximately 3.7km.

  • I intend to do Hagley Parkrun, 8am on both Sat 19th and 26th (before and after the conference) if anyone wants to join in - charcol
  • I'll be running Hagley Parkrun on January 26 - Michael Davies
  • I'll be there on the 26th as well Paulgear (talk) 23:46, 17 January 2019 (UTC)
  • I'll be there on 26th (slower pace) - Katie McLaughlin
  • I (Steven Hanley) will be doing park run and running over. Keen for coffee/breakfast somewhere after parkrun.

Sunday Jan 20

  • Anyone planning to run on Sunday 20 Jan? Paulgear - I might just head out to the meeting point at 6 am, and if anyone's there, we can decide what we want to do.