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* Aidan Doak (@aidofthecloud)
* Aidan Doak (@aidofthecloud)
* Matthew Cengia (@mattcen)
* Matthew Cengia (@mattcen)
* Paul McInerney (paul at sydney dot edu dot au)
* Paul McInerney ( IRC: th3v00d00)
* Roman Vaughan ([https://twitter.com/NZSmartie @NZSmartie])
* Roman Vaughan ([https://twitter.com/NZSmartie @NZSmartie])
* Tris Healy (twitter: @trissylegs DM's open)
* Tris Healy (twitter: @trissylegs DM's open)

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Pride / Ally / Queer / LGBTIQ+

This is the initial landing page for what I hope becomes a beneficial catch up and discussion about how we can improve awareness of LGBTQI+ across the working world (and not just in IT)

Some suggestions for discussion:

  • How does your organisation or company approach gender equity ?
  • What does your company / organisation feel about gender neutrality (not just bathroooms ....)
  • How can we improve our presence in the workforce without being employed or recognised because of our gender/sexuality
  • What does your company / organisation do now that is good (or bad) about promoting inclusion

I have not yet asked for or secured a room for our discussions, so will ask or we could just meet up at each lunch break and head off together as a group to grab a bite to eat?

At the very least, please put your name here if you wish to meet and discuss any of the above or have other topics to engage on.

I just want to continue forward with promoting equity in our workplace, specifically when it comes to LGBTQI+, SAGE and STEM in IT

Lunchtime Wednesday Meet Up

Let's meet Wednesday at the entrance to the Central Lecture Theaters and grab a bite to eat and discuss all things LGBTQI+

Afternoon Tea Wednesday Meet Up

@mattcen (Matt Cengia) will be on the lawn out the front of the C Block lecture theatres at afternoon tea on Wednesday, wearing blue/pink/purple and being very colourful, bisexual and obvious. Come say hi and meet other rainbow friends, and we can potentially discuss the idea of a lunch on Thursday too.

Indicate Interest in Attending

  • Aidan Doak (@aidofthecloud)
  • Matthew Cengia (@mattcen)
  • Paul McInerney ( IRC: th3v00d00)
  • Roman Vaughan (@NZSmartie)
  • Tris Healy (twitter: @trissylegs DM's open)