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* Mike Field L37 Mystic hamster_nz
* Mike Field L37 Mystic hamster_nz
* [[User:LizQuilty|Liz Quilty]] "CoffeeBacon" L40 Mystic  
* [[User:LizQuilty|Liz Quilty]] "CoffeeBacon" L40 Mystic  
* [[User:Thepatrick|Patrick Quinn-Graham]] L38 Instinct "thepatrick"
== Regionals ==
== Regionals ==

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Pokemon Go players, the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre will be back and we will meet up to catch them. We need raid teams of at least 5 high level accounts or more accounts if there are lower levels. We will raid gyms within Wifi range of the conference or further afield if someone has a NZ SIM with data to share.

We will need to agree on an IM system for arranging raids.

Christchurch PoGo Discord: https://discord.gg/RsWvwTf

Christchurch PoGo Map: https://www.chchmap.nz/

Also we can do PvP.

Put your User:name, level, team, and trainer name below:


The regional Pokemon is the Relicanth. I am sure that any local players will trade if asked.

Great places to go hunting

If you want to go further afield, great places to go walking are:

  • Sumner beach
  • Botanic Gardens (Central City)
  • The Arts Center
  • Columbo St