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* [[User:dns|Daniel Sobey (dns)]]  L39 + L33
* [[User:dns|Daniel Sobey (dns)]]  L39 + L33
* Aeriana L40 Instinct
* Aeriana L40 Instinct
* [[User:Martin|Martin Kealey]] L30 Instinct "Pterodaxyl" 7783 3009 0674 (carrying '''''linuxconfau'' WiFi hotspot''')
* [[User:Martin|Martin Kealey]] L31 Instinct "Pterodaxyl" 7783 3009 0674 (carrying '''''linuxconfau'' WiFi hotspot''')
* Mike Field L37 Mystic "hamster_nz"
* Mike Field L37 Mystic "hamster_nz"
* [[User:LizQuilty|Liz Quilty]] L40 Mystic "CoffeeBacon"  
* [[User:LizQuilty|Liz Quilty]] L40 Mystic "CoffeeBacon"  

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Pokemon Go players, the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre will be back and we will meet up to catch them. We need raid teams of at least 5 high level accounts or more accounts if there are lower levels. We will raid gyms within Wifi range of the conference or further afield if someone (e.g. Pterodaxyl, see below) has a NZ SIM with data to share.

We will need to agree on an IM system for arranging raids.

Christchurch PoGo Discord: https://discord.gg/RsWvwTf #uc-raids

Christchurch PoGo Map: https://www.chchmap.nz/

Also we can do PvP.

Put your User:name, level, team, trainer name, and (optional) trainer code below:


The regional Pokemon is the Relicanth. I am sure that any local players will trade if asked.

Great places to go hunting

If you want to go further afield, great places to go walking are:

  • Sumner beach
  • Botanic Gardens (Central City)
  • The Arts Center
  • Columbo St