Open Hardware Mini-Conference revisited

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Thursday 2019-01-24: 12:30 pm (lunch-time), room A1

If you built an OHMC DonkeyCar on Monday ... or are generally interested in self-driving scale-model cars, A.I / Machine Learning, robots or hardware ... please come along

BoF aims:

  • Assist getting your OHMC DonkeyCar hardware complete
  • Assist getting your OHMC DonkeyCar software installed and running
  • Test your OHMC DonkeyCar using the pre-trained models
  • Laptop software installation for Machine Learning training
  • Go through the process of acquiring training data, training and self-driving
  • Race your OHMC DonkeyCar against others ... spectators welcome, play with one of our spare cars
  • General discussion about Machine Learning, self-driving cars, robots, etc

Mailing list for post-LCA2019