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Given the growing interest in Open Hardware for medium to high end compute generally and OpenPOWER in particular thought it'd be good to have another BoF as we did in 2018.

Where and When

Venue to be confirmed but will the LCA Organisers have kindly indicated they can make some space available for BoFs so will look for a slot that doesn't obviously conflict with anything else in the program.

At this stage I'm thinking 1730 on Thursday for an hour or so - this puts it after main proceedings for the day but (hopefully) before the networking sessions in the evening.

Show and Tell

  • I'll bring a sample Raptor Computing Systems Blackbird POWER9 Motherboard to look at and some OpenPOWER schwag - Hugh


Please (optionally) note if you'll be attending so we've a sense of numbers.

  • Hugh Blemings (OpenPOWER Foundation)
  • Michael Carden (eagerly awaiting some Raptor Computing kit)
  • Andrew Ruthven
  • J Lynn
  • Joel Stanley
  • Steven Ellis
  • Sam Mendoza-Jonas
  • Andrew Donnellan (@ajdlinux)
  • David Richards
  • Paul Gear - you had me at "doesn’t come with an unexpected hidden operating system". :-)