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(Before and after the conference)
(During the conference)
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* [[BoF|Birds of a Feather Sessions]]
* [[BoF|Birds of a Feather Sessions]]
* [[Conference VOIP]]
== Before and after the conference ==
== Before and after the conference ==

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Welcome to the LCA2019 wiki

Looking for the LCA2018 wiki? It's available at https://2018.linux.conf.au/wiki/

The Wiki is collaboratively written and edited by the Conference Organisers and YOU the Delegates.

This Wiki is intended to be your conference companion and source of information to ensure you have a first-rate conference experience.

All delegates are welcome to contribute to the information in this Wiki! If you find there is something missing or wish that you knew, then find out about it and add it. Chances are someone else wants to know as well.

During the conference

Before and after the conference

Information by attendee type

Information by conference lifecycle