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Large Data Storage / Replication BoF

  • When: Tuesday, Lunchtime, from 12:30
  • Where: C1 lecture theatre (same room as Sysadmin Miniconf was on Monday)

BoF on Large Data Storage / Replication.

This will include a presentation of Thomas Schoebel-Theuer's presentation "Petabytes Data Migration and Load Balancing with Football+MARS" which was previously scheduled for the Sysadmin Miniconf (but travel delays mean that it could not be presented at that time). After the presentation (about 20 minutes), open discussion about MARS / BigCluster / Sharding / Large Data replication, etc is encouraged.

Gentoo Users

  • When: Tuesday, Afternoon Tea Break
  • Where: Under a tree on the lawn outside C Block foyer.

Gentoo users are the Wandering Albatrosses of Linux searching over vast tracts of ocean to find fellow Gentooers. Fly ashore onto dry land and form a colony of conversing birds on the lawn.