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* Giorgi Tavkelishvili
* Giorgi Tavkelishvili
* Will Deacon (will.deacon@arm.com)
* Will Deacon (will.deacon@arm.com)
* Matthew Ruffell

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Go get some lunch and bring it back! Come chat about your kernel hardening and security needs, your projects, or just generally hang out.

When: Friday lunchtime

Where: C2


Put your name and contact details down here if you feel like it, since it seems that's what all the cool BoFs are doing.

  • Andrew Donnellan (@ajdlinux)
  • Nicolas Erdody (nicolas@multicoreworld.com)
  • Casey Schaufler (casey@schaufler-ca.com)
  • Matthew Wilcox
  • Russell Currey
  • Kees Cook (@kees_cook)
  • Kate Stewart (@_kate_stewart)
  • Giorgi Tavkelishvili
  • Will Deacon (will.deacon@arm.com)
  • Matthew Ruffell