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* Matthew Wilcox
* Matthew Wilcox
* Russell Currey
* Russell Currey
* Kees Cook (@kees_cook)

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Go get some lunch and bring it back! Come chat about your kernel hardening and security needs, your projects, or just generally hang out.

When: TBA (ajd is currently thinking Friday lunchtime) Friday lunch puts the BOF squarely between talks on the topic by Casey Schaufler and Kees Cook. Does it get any better than that?

Where: TBA


Put your name and contact details down here if you feel like it, since it seems that's what all the cool BoFs are doing.

  • Andrew Donnellan (@ajdlinux)
  • Nicolas Erdody (nicolas@multicoreworld.com)
  • Casey Schaufler (casey@schaufler-ca.com)
  • Matthew Wilcox
  • Russell Currey
  • Kees Cook (@kees_cook)