Jobs BoF

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The traditional Jobs BoF.

Location and time to be confirmed


As well as the in-person session please feel free to list your available positions, or interest in something below.

Jobs Available

Red Hat

Catch Steven Ellis during the week or at the Jobs BoF for a chat about any roles with Red Hat anywhere in the world


We have many open positions, both in offices and remote (in many countries), including software engineering roles, plus various sales and support and consulting and management-y options. For more details see SUSE Careers, or come find Tim Serong.

Please check individual job listings for details of remote work, even if the search results summary shows a specific location in the wrong country for you :-)

People Looking for Work

Feel free to add yourself here if you're looking for work, but please note that this is a public wiki, so don't post any personal details you don't want the whole world to see.

Dr. Morgan Leigh Greetings. I'm a speaker at this year's conference and am looking for either part time or contract work. Research is good. I love research. Also teaching. I need to be able to work remote from my farm in sunny Tasmania, but am happy to do some travel. I am particularly interested in copyright, ethics, Wikipedia, virtual worlds, and open anything.