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The traditional Jobs BoF.

Wednesday Afternoon Tea (3:10) A1


As well as the in-person session please feel free to list your available positions, or interest in something below.

Jobs Available

AWS - Amazon Linux

Catch up to Frederick Lefebvre all week, to discuss opportunities at Amazon Linux. Come build the future of Linux at Amazon with the Amazon Linux Team! We develop Amazon's Linux distribution and our product is the foundation for most of AWS, as well as being in heavy use by customers on EC2.

We have open positions in all technical fields.

Catalyst Cloud

We're looking for Cloud Engineers, preferably with knowledge of OpenStack and/or Ceph. Talk to any of the Catalyst folks, including Andrew Ruthven. Not listed on our website (yet).


Looking for a sales person and a Python dev, listeed on [1], or talk to any of the Catalyst folks, including Andrew Ruthven.


ClearPoint is looking for a SRE's, Developers and Testers in Auckland, Sydney and Wellington. If you like being a member of a high functioning team, a flexible, results oriented working environment and enjoy variety in your work, come have a chat to Srdan Dukic or apply through the website.


Data61's Terria team are looking for early career and experienced software engineers. As a member of the Terria team you will work on the open source TerriaJS library itself - our Cesium/WebGL based geospatial visualisation software - as well as projects using TerriaJS such as the NationalMap, AREMI, NEII Viewer, GEOGLAM RAPP Map, TerriaCube, and others. Based in your choice of Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra.

(Early career)(Intermediate)(Senior)


Google does... lots of stuff. Software Engineer? Check. Site Reliability Engineer? Check. Engineering Manager? Check. Want to work on Google Photos? Maps? Chrome?

Browse all available jobs at

Looking for jobs for Sydney? Check this link.

Feel free to grab User:mibus in person with questions :)

Hostopia Australia

We are the largest web hosting Company in Australia, providing fast, secure, stable solutions enabling the success of personal websites through to some the most visited online businesses. Our brands include Digital Pacific, Crucial, Web24, Anchor and Panthur.

We have a variety of positions available which can be viewed here

Andrew 'ImperialXT' Jeffree will be around during the week and at the Jobs BoF.


IBM has a development lab (OzLabs) in Canberra, Australia primarily focused on Linux and open source firmware development for the OpenPOWER platform.

We'd like to talk to people with experience in kernel/firmware development who want to work on open source.

There's heaps of us around during the conference, (at the least) Russell will be at the BoF and can put you in touch with others.


Infoxchange is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has delivered technology for social justice for nearly 30 years. With over 130 staff across Australia and New Zealand we tackle the biggest social challenges through the smart and creative use of technology. We work with community, government and corporate partners to solve family violence, homelessness, mental health and issues facing people with disabilities, the elderly, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Maori and Pasifika communities.

We have a Head of Technology senior management position available based in either Brisbane or Melbourne, Australia: details here. There is also a Head of Community Sector Products and Services position available in Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne - more here.

You can talk to Andrew Pam for more about working at Infoxchange.


Keyp is building a decentralised infrastructure for authentication and identity management, designed to work offline and with an open specification. Headquartered in Munich, and with presences in London, Zurich, and Wellington, we're ready to onboard coders world-wide, and particularly in AU/NZ. Check out our jobs page for specifics, and/or find Martin during the conference!


Kong is a Service Control Platform that allows companies to manage their services and APIs. We're hiring for most roles, but in particular I'm looking for Kubernetes Experts and Lua developers.

Location for most positions is very flexible, we're happy to talk to remote people.Hiring page, Job page Home Page

Come find User:jcallahan and have a chat or email careers at


Looking for a developer located in Melbourne with some geospatial knowledge for backend data wrangling. Experience with PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Python and Airflow desired, AWS and Ruby/Rails experience a plus.

Contact Geordie Millar, <gm> on the conference IRC - I'll be at the BoF.


Learnosity’s mission is to make a difference to education, worldwide, through technology. We are geeks at heart and we love what we do. We're looking for like-minded and talented people to join our growing teams. Our office is located next to the Wynyard station, Sydney NSW, def easy to get to work to and plenty of great lunches options around. Our engineering team is looking for Back-End Engineer and Full Stack Engineer amongst other roles. Check out our jobs board for details or email for questions

Monash University

Work with a team that is changing how we assess students at the tertiary level and work toward authentic assessment. Looking for developers and QA engineers(developers that focus on quality assurance) look for Darren or email

We're also on the lookout for people who are interested in sesional tutoring, who have industry experience and want to help IT students (e.g. software devs, BA's, and network security specialists) in their final year prepare for work. Contact Pete at


Oracle Linux is looking for talented developers and program managers to work on enhancing the Linux kernel for the Enterprise Cloud. Oracle Linux developers contribute to upstream Linux development in the areas of networking, storage, security, performance and resource management. Learn more at or

PaperCut Software

Looking for developers with diverse skills in Melbourne. Catch Alec during the conference or head over to our jobs board.

Plant & Food Research

We're currently looking for a SysAdmin with experience in the Operations side of DevOps. The focus of the role is to help with the automation and ongoing support of the infrastructure that enables scientists to do their research. We have a mix of internal and cloud (AWS) infrastructure.

Ask me (Eric) for more information and find our more/apply here.

Process Systems Enterprise/Electric Memory IT

Process Systems Enterprise makes mathematical modelling software. We are looking for two software developers to work on our IDE for our office in Palmerston North, New Zealand. The role will primarily be writing Java code for the IDE, however we do not require specific expertise in any particular language or technology. If you are a good developer then I am very keen to talk to you, regardless of your background or level of experience!

Ask me (Duane) for more information or email me at duaneg at

Rackspace Sydney

Linux admin. All levels from 0 but ready to learn, to mega guru.

Location: Sydney Recruiter:

Questions to Matthew (I'm here) +61 47919 2225

REA Group

Looking for Developers (of all sorts: mobile, backend, frontend, internal tooling), Systems Engineers, Security Engineers, QAs, Product People. All sorts really.

Predominantly in Melbourne, Australia, but a couple of roles in Sydney, Australia as well as Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia (offices in Perth, Australia; Brisbane, Australia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Singapore; Bangkok, Thailand; and Wan Chai, Hong Kong as well which sometimes have various roles open)

Check out our Careers Site for more information, or chat to David Bell (or one of the other REA folk at LCA).

Red Hat

Catch Steven Ellis during the week or at the Jobs BoF for a chat about any roles with Red Hat anywhere in the world


Reivernet is looking for a system admin to help wrangle our many physical servers around the world. We're based in Auckland but remote is OK. Experience in automation (Ansible etc) and deployment (containers) desired but not required.

Contact Dylan Carruthers ( or +64 9 573 3972, and I'm here all week.

Silverpond (Machine Learning)

Feel free to ask Andy Gelme for the low-down on Silverpond ... a Melbourne based A.I / Machine Learning consultancy and product development company. Silverpond has three immediate positions for Dev Ops, Senior Software Engineer and a Machine Learning Practitioner. More details here.

I'll be at the Open Hardware Mini-Conference all day Monday ... wrangling scale-model self-driving ML/A.I cars. Or at any time throughout LCA2019. Or email jonathan.chang at directly


We have many open positions, both in offices and remote (in many countries), including software engineering roles, plus various sales and support and consulting and management-y options. For more details see SUSE Careers, or come find Tim Serong.

Please check individual job listings for details of remote work, even if the search results summary shows a specific location in the wrong country for you :-)

Tait Communications

Looking for a software developer to work on our new vehicle-based VOIP solution. Development is on both the client (in-vehicle, multi-bearer communications and computing platform hosting embedded Linux) and server (Cloud-hosted apps on Linux). Development is primarily in C++, with testware mainly in Python. Good candidates will have embedded Linux experience, and knowledge of networking, VOIP and SIP. Our development team is based in Christchurch, NZ. The job will be posted on our careers page soon, see Careers Page. In the meantime, however, interested candidates can email recruitment at (mark as attention to Andrew, and mention LCA as source).

Ubuntu (Canonical)

Trent 'lathiat' Lloyd will be around during the week and at the Jobs BoF and would love to find you a home in one of the teams at Canonical. Canonical is the company behind the Ubuntu distribution and is a remote company with people working from many different countries around the world primarily from home. We have a number of openings including APAC and as most positions are work-from-home you won't need to relocate!

Feel free to check out our Jobs Board or find me during the week (ping lathiat on twitter or IRC to find me)!


Yubico are hiring! We've got offices in Seattle and Palo Alto in the USA, Stockholm in Sweden and even in Sunny™ Melbourne! (Yes, the Australian one, not the one in Florida.) If you've got a background in dev, devops, sec, secops, or even devsecops then we'd love to hear from you. Benno will be around at and would be happy to chat, or you can drop him an email.


Dius. Looking for Software Developers of all levels based in Sydney and Melbourne. We are a software consultancy business that delivers solutions not just bums on seats. We are AWS partners but work also on Google cloud and Azure. We do Work in Mobile apps, Web development, UX, Machine learning, Big data analytics, and IOT. We don't care what language you develop in as we will teach you what you need to know to get the job done. We are just looking for people with good development practices. If you are interested then click on Dius and select careers at the top of the page.

People Looking for Work

Feel free to add yourself here if you're looking for work, but please note that this is a public wiki, so don't post any personal details you don't want the whole world to see.

  • Dr. Morgan Leigh Greetings. I'm a speaker at this year's conference and am looking for either part time or contract work. I love research. Any kind of research or writing will be right down my alley. I've done a bunch of educational multimedia and virtual worlds and I'm really passionate about it. Also I'd love to be a lore designer for your game or world! I need to be able to work remotely from my farm in sunny Tasmania, but am happy to do some travel. I am particularly interested in ethics, virtual worlds, copyright, education, Wikipedia, sustainable agriculture and open almost anything.
  • Keith Gerritsen Hi Everyone, I am a Volunteer at LCA 2019, and I am looking for a new Role. I'm an Experienced Sys Admin, Sys Eng, Consultant and IT Professional. I am interested in being in a great team and using Technology to improve business outcomes with such things as such as Docker, Kubernettes, Virtualisation, DevOps practices, Firewalls and Security. I live locally to Christchurch, I am happy to work remotely and do some travel, I will be an AV tech somewhere here, so come and have a chat, Thanks! :)
  • David Moore ( My C.V.. Python, C++, Linux software developer. Living near Punakaiki, on the West Coast of the South Island, between the bush of the Paparoa Ranges and the Tasman Sea might seem remote, but I am only 49 milliseconds from Wellington. (Speedtest varies of course, but illustrates the point). I am looking for work (contract or part-time) that I can do remotely, or from Greymouth or Westport.
  • Roman Vaughan ( Blog. Software and Embedded Developer in Wellington, New Zealand.
    • Looking for Embedded, IoT work. I've worked with FreeRTOS, Zephyr, bare metal on various platforms. Quite enjoy the challenges of working with constrained environments and playing with physical devices is much more fun than playing with fluffy clouds.
    • I have a strong background with software development, testing and stream-lining the development life-cycle, automating as much as possible to free up resources for development and minimise the need to debug everything.
    • Experimenting with Bluetooth LE, low power WiFi and want to learn Zigbee and LoRAWAN.
    • Has experience in information security. Ensuring systems are deployed in a secure manner, and remain reliable for the lifetime of the products.
  • William McKee ( in Sydney, Au. looking for work.