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I'd like to see us have a home assistant BoF. Is anyone else interested?

  • Alastair D'Silva - Interested (should it be a bit wider, home automation in general? that went down pretty well last year).
  • Michael Still - Interested
  • Ben Dechrai - Interested
  • Shaun Walker - Interested
  • Neal Schulz - Interested
  • Michael Davies - Interested
  • Mike O'Connor - Interested
  • Stephen Edmonds - Interested
  • Jason Lewis - Interested
  • Daniel Sobey - Interested
  • David Bell - Interested
  • Ian Beardslee - Interested


Info re-posted from e-mail thread:

The workshop will cover:

  • Setting up Home Assistant
  • Using Home Assistant with GPIO
  • Programming ARM microcontrollers
  • Using 1Wire connected ARM microcontrollers with Home Assistant
  • Creating automation rules using Node Red

The workshop kit includes:

  • Orange Pi Prime (4 core 64bit ARM, 2GB RAM)
  • 24V AU Plug Pack
  • Custom hat for the OPi, with GPIO broken out, 1wire controller & temperature sensor, DC/DC power supply & pushbutton
  • 433MHz RX/TX modules to add to the hat later for RF interaction
  • SWD Programmer for programming & debugging ARM microcontrollers
  • 2 x 16 Channel 1wire->solid state relay/switch input boards
  • 1m ethernet cable to link a 1wire device to the hat (additional devices can be daisy-chained)
  • Relay module (for demo purposes, I expect that real usage will use devices such as 5 channel DIN solid state relays)
  • 3d printed cases for the OPi &1wire boards (maybe, will see how much time I have available for design)

The workshop kit will come out to between AUD$100 & $150, and is yours to keep. The machine is intentionally overpowered, so you can run additional services as you grow your system.

The extra hardware is all open source, schematics & firmware are available at: https://github.com/InfernoEmbedded/onewire-softdevice

In that repo are also designs for integrated SSR controllers, Aircon zone controllers & RGBW LED controllers. I'll add more as I grow my own system, but it's also relatively easy to contribute your own designs back if you have a specific need.

I've budgeted for 30 attendees (21 spots left at this time), and you can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fMhuI9Nj5PQ4SVGyEtkQcxBZELwPuUaIfyM5VP8aup4/edit?usp=sharing