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I'd like to see us have a home assistant BoF. Is anyone else interested?

When, where: Thursday Lunchtime, C1

  • Alastair D'Silva - Interested (should it be a bit wider, home automation in general? that went down pretty well last year).
  • Michael Still - Interested
  • Ben Dechrai - Interested
  • Shaun Walker - Interested
  • Neal Schulz - Interested
  • Michael Davies - Interested
  • Mike O'Connor - Interested
  • Stephen Edmonds - Interested
  • Jason Lewis - Interested
  • Daniel Sobey - Interested
  • David Bell - Interested
  • Ian Beardslee - Interested
  • Tisham Dhar (whatnick) - Interested
  • Louis Moore (Freenode: cubeofsilence) - Interested
  • Daryl Tester - Mildly Interested
  • Endre Bernhardt - Interested

Pointers for new players

There was a request at the BoF for pointers for new players. There are heaps of references online. For example:

  • Awesome Home Assistant has a list of publicly posted configs
  • I (mikal) have also posted my config online, as well as writing a few blog posts about stuff I've done which seemed interesting at the time. If there were parts you want to see explained in more detail let me know and I'd be happy to provide pointers.