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== Mall ==
== Mall ==
Westfield Riccarton [https://goo.gl/maps/3b8hMTx1BA82 Riccarton Rd] 25 minute walk from venue
Westfield Riccarton (aka "Riccarton Mall") [https://goo.gl/maps/3b8hMTx1BA82 Riccarton Rd] 25 minute walk from venue

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On-campus cafes and resturants

There are cafes and food areas scattered around on campus.

In the undercroft building, across the lawn from C-block:


(Note that the Bush Inn shopping centre website implies that there's a Countdown in there, but one LCA attendee found it was absent/closed. The actual Countdown appears to be the opposite corner of the intersection from the Bush Inn Centre; see Countdown stores.)

Nearby resturants


Westfield Riccarton (aka "Riccarton Mall") Riccarton Rd 25 minute walk from venue