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LCA2019 has its very own phone system this year, with sponsors Over The Wire and FaktorTel providing phone calls. FaktorTel, an Over The Wire company, have previously provided VoIP to LCA, and are proud to do so again. They are providing a discount coupon to all LCA2019 delegates, that waives setup fees for any month-to-month or Virtual PBX plans purchased through their website. Simply enter the coupon code 'LINUXCONF2019' at checkout to have the fees waived.


All LCA Extensions are 5 digits, spread randomly throughout the range of 10000 to 99999. You should have received a random LCA Extension as part of your LCA Welcome pack, inside a sealed envelope.


Over The Wire is an Australian Tier 1 carrier, and is required by Australian law to record metadata of calls made to and from their network. In addition, all calls are EXPLICITLY recorded by the VoIP servers. Any use of the LCA VoIP service to harass, annoy, or upset anyone - either on net or off - will result in immediate termination of access, and possible expulsion from the Conference.

Emergency Calls

DO NOT USE THE VoIP SERVICE TO MAKE EMERGENCY CALLS. While a best effort attempt will be made to connect you to local Emergency Services, you are able to call the NZ Emergency Number (111) or International Emergency Number (112) from any mobile phone, with or without a SIM that is registered to a NZ provider.


Please feel free to list your number in the Conference Phone Directory.

Or don't, as you wish.

SIP Clients


  • Built-in SIP client: Modern Android phones have a SIP client built into them. Go to PhoneSettingsCallsCalling accountsSIP accounts to turn this on. Pros: integrates with native dialler. Cons: feature-poor.
  • CSipSimple is open source and feature-rich, but has compatibility issues with newer Android versions.
  • Linphone is an open source feature-rich SIP client.


On iOS you will have to install an app. Reddit has a few suggestions for apps.

The following seem to be most commonly suggested as they use a push service and don't drain the battery. Both are paid apps.

Bria. 14 day free trial, with monthly or annual subscription (A$1.49/month, A$14.99/y)

Groundwire. A$14.99 once off fee.


Configuration Details

You will receive an envelope inside your delegate pack with your login details and a link to the voip help page (this page).

  • SIP server (or domain):
  • Login: see your envelope
  • Password: see your envelope

Calling the outside world

You can call NZ numbers, and a limited selection of international destinations.

Possible ways to dial the outside world:

  • 0011 <country code> <number>
  • 00 <country code> <number>
  • +<country code> <number>

For example, these are all valid ways to call the number 0386521453 in Australia:

  • 001161386521453
  • 0061386521453
  • +61386521453

Countries you can call

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • France
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Japan