Conference VOIP

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LCA2019 has its very own phone system this year.

Phone numbers are 5 digits long.


Please feel free to list your number in the Conference Phone Directory.

Or don't, as you wish.

SIP Clients


  • Built-in SIP client: Modern Android phones have a SIP client built into them. Go to PhoneSettingsCallsCalling accountsSIP accounts to turn this on. Pros: integrates with native dialler. Cons: feature-poor.
  • CSipSimple is open source and feature-rich, but has compatibility issues with newer Android versions.
  • Linphone is an open source feature-rich SIP client.


On iOS you will have to install an app. Reddit has a few suggestions for apps:

Bria (14 day free trial) and Groundwire seem to be most commonly suggested as they use a push service and don't drain the battery. Both are paid apps.


Configuration Details

You will receive an envelope inside your delegate pack with your login details and a link to the voip help page (this page).

  • SIP server (or domain):
  • Login: see your envelope
  • Password: see your envelope

Calling the outside world

You can call NZ numbers, and a limited selection of international destinations.

Possible ways to dial the outside world:

  • 0011 <country code> <number>
  • 00 <country code> <number>
  • +<country code> <number>

For example, these are all valid ways to call the number 0386521453 in Australia:

  • 001161386521453
  • 0061386521453
  • +61386521453