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* Lunchtime, C2: [[Kernel Hardening BoF]]
* Lunchtime, C2: [[Kernel Hardening BoF]]
* Lunchtime, C3: [[I want start contributing to Open Source]]
* Lunchtime, C3: [[I want start contributing to Open Source]]
* Morning Tea: C1: [[Lockpicking BoF]] - Last one!
=== Saturday===
=== Saturday===

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Birds of a Feather sessions are un-organised and un-affiliated sessions where like-minded individuals can get together and learn or talk about things that interest them.


Our lecture theatres (C1, C2, C3, A1, A2, A3) can be used for BoFs during break times and after the last talks each day (except if in use already)



  • Afternoon sometime: Running BoF members are going to give [1] a go (9.2km, with 344m of ascent, on trails). Contact mikal@stillhq.com for details if interested.





  • 6am Running BoF
  • Lunchtime, C1: HomeAssistant BoF
  • Lunchtime, C2: Knit-crochet-sew-crafting BoF
  • Lunchtime (1230), C2: (Tentative, depending on how busy Monday was) Lockpicking BoF
  • Lunchtime, C3: How to run a Miniconf BoF
  • Lunchtime (1230), A1: Open Hardware Mini-Conference revisited -- Getting your self-driving car going, then (slowly) racing ... spectators very welcome
  • Lunchtime (1230), Pride Bof -- Meet for lunch at Ancestral Cafe
  • Afternoon Tea (3:10) Tech for Community Organizations (Location TBA, we're a small group. PM me on Twitter or IRC @fukawi2 please)
  • Afternoon Tea (3:10) TBD: LCA Papers Committee get together
  • Afternoon Tea (3:10) @C1, BOF: Actionable IoT Security Please join Kate and Malini to brainstorm solutions together.
  • Afternoon Tea (3:10) @A1, BOF: Tomu and Fomu Come chat about Tomu, Fomu and other devices inside your USB port!
  • Afternoon Tea (3:10) @C2, BOF: 8-bit fun with the MEGA65 Including if you want to learn 6502/C64 coding.
  • Afternoon Tea (3.10) @C3, BOF: DNA sequencing - Chat about genetics, rerun of the sample from David Eccles' sequencing run.