Before and after the conference activities

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This is a page for attendees to collaborate and find like-minded people doing things before and after the conference.

Before the conference

After the conference


  • Paul Wayper ( is looking at doing a motorbike tour for one day on Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th or Monday 28th. If we can get up into the mountains and even see the west coast, that'd be great! I'd be looking at hiring a motorbike.
  • Aleksandra Pawlik ( - Hey! I'm local to Christchurch and will almost for sure be rock climbing somewhere in the area over the weekend (weather permitting). If you want to join me, bring your harness and rock shoes, I've got everything else. Can give a lift to up to 4 people.
  • Christoph Lameter ( is looking to explore ChristChurch and the surrounding area with his son Dominik (who is looking to enter graduate CS studies) in the week following the conference. We welcome ideas on what to do and people joining us or people we could meet.
  • Paul Gear is looking to explore Christchurch & surrounds (perhaps Akaroa?) on Sun 20 Jan and/or Sat 26 Jan.
  • Louis Moore (Freenode: cubeofsilence || - I'm planning on going to Arthur's Pass for the day to do some hiking in the mountains [1]. If you'd like to join let me know! I don't drive, so at the moment i'm looking at getting the Atomic bus early in the morning and coming back in the late afternoon; if anyone want's to come and hire a car and split the costs for the day that would be rad.
    • John Carter - I'm local to Christchurch and one of the organizers, I spend all the time I can in the Mountains or the Sea.... so if you have questions or need advice about the viability of your trips to either, you're welcome to ping me.

Saturday 26th January

Any time

For a broader selection the Wikitravel page on Christchurch has many suggestions.