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(Sunday 20th Jan)
(Saturday 26th Jan)
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* 15:50 VA96 to Melbourne
* 15:50 VA96 to Melbourne
** Benno Rice ([https://twitter.com/jeamland @jeamland])
** Benno Rice ([https://twitter.com/jeamland @jeamland])
* 17:00 NZ562 to Ackland - NZ8 to San Francisco
** Casey Schaufler (casey@schaufler-ca.com)
=== Sunday 27th Jan ===
=== Sunday 27th Jan ===

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A number of people do not like travelling alone. So on this page you can put your flight arrival and departure details and possibly meet up with some people.

To help coordinate meeting up with people arriving at the airport and departing again please list your flight details here.

Please keep the list of flights in order of date/time of arrival or departure as appropriate for each list, and just add your name to the list if your flight is already listed.


Thursday 17th Jan

  • XXX

Friday 18th Jan

Saturday 19th Jan

  • 13:35 QF135 from BNE
    • Hamish
    • Rob Thomas (xrobau) (In from Gladstone the night before, Overnighting in BNE at Novotel BNE Airport, if anyone wants to meet up for Drinks/Snacks/etc)
  • 17:40 NZ5623 from HAM
  • 23:55 VA99 from MEL

Sunday 20th Jan

  • 00:40 NZ896 from Melbourne
    • Phillip Smith (twitter.com/@fukawi2)
  • 09:25 NZ523 from Ackland - NZ7 from San Francisco
    • Casey Schaufler (casey@schaufler-ca.com)

Monday 21st Jan

  • 23:59 QF133 from Melbourne
    • Adam Sawtell (Leaving Adelaide on QF690 - Happy to meet in QClub if anyone is interested)


Friday 25th Jan

  • XXX

Saturday 26th Jan

  • 06:10 VA124 to Brisbane
    • Clinton Roy (clinton.roy@gmail.com)
  • 15:50 VA96 to Melbourne
  • 17:00 NZ562 to Ackland - NZ8 to San Francisco
    • Casey Schaufler (casey@schaufler-ca.com)

Sunday 27th Jan

  • XXX


Tuesday 29th Jan

Wednesday 30 Jan

Sunday 3rd Feb